Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finnish Recipes - Riisipuuro

"Wouldn't some rice pudding be good?" I said to Charles a few weeks ago. He concurred, and said he thought he'd seen sushi rice at the store, which is what we like to use to make rice pudding. When I looked, I didn't find sushi rice, I found puuro riisi, pudding rice. Perfect!

Then, to find a recipe. I had never liked rice pudding until our friend Genna brought some to our house for a potluck. It was simple and creamy, topped with some raisins and cinnamon-sugar. She gave us the recipe and it became such a favorite of our that we put it in the cookbook we made about 10 years ago. I remember that it said it was a traditional Finnish or Swedish (I don't remember) recipe.

But, we didn't bring that cook book with us so I went to the web. The web is teaming with rice pudding recipes but they all have lots of ingredients besides rice and milk: eggs, cinnamon, cardamon, sugar and more. That must be the stuff I never liked. After searching and searching I happened to turn over the puuro riisi package and discovered three recipes right there! They are in Finnish but with the help of Google Translate I figured it out. I've made two of the recipes so far.

Riisipuuro (Rice pudding - the stove top variety)
2 dl water
2 dl rice
1 liter milk
a bit of salt

Measure water, rice and salt into pot. Cook over medium/low heat until water is absorbed. Add milk (we use skim milk but substitute a bit of cream for the total volume). Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until milk is absorbed, about 90 minutes.

We scoop it into bowls and top with a small dab of butter, raisins, and some cinnamon-sugar.

And then there is this ...

Riisiuunipuuro (Baked Rice Pudding)
2 dl rice
1 liter milk
a bit of salt

Grease a 2 L. oven dish. Measure ingredients into dish and mix. Cook in 175C. oven on lower rack for 90 minutes. Mix a few times during the cooking.

I made the baked kind this week. It is easier, but without those extra 2 dl. of water, it is quite a bit dryer than the stove top variety. On the second night we re-heated it on the stove top and added a bunch more milk to make it creamier. Yummier.

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