Thursday, January 28, 2010

Explaining UUism to a Finn

"What kind of pastor are you?" I have been asked a couple times. This is the answer I have figured out so far (after they ask me what a Unitarian is). I say "I've read that in Finland nearly everyone believes in God but most people don't go to church. UU's often don't believe in God but do want to go to church." It is short and explains that UU's are different. Writing this now, though, I realized I am doing something I have railed against for years: defining UU by what it is not. I should add another sentence or two. "UU's want to gather with people and explore ideas of ethics and meaning and faith. That draws them to church. With or without God, church adds something important to their lives." That would work for a little sound bite.

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  1. Are you in contact with the Finnish UU Association? (